Friday, March 13, 2009


Topic : Music Heals My Soul

Level : Form 4 (Intermediate-advanced)

Time: 40 minutes


By the end of the lesson, students should be able to extract information and write it on the given worksheet.

Skills : Reading and writing

Technical Requirements:

2-3 students are assigned to sit and share 1 computer with internet connection and web browser.



1. Check the website before the lesson. (whether it is available or not on each computer.)

2. Prepare the worksheet for students’ task.


1. Teacher asks students whether they like to listen to music and what kind of songs they like.

2. Teacher shares her favourite song.

3. Students are instructed to log on to the website chosen.


4. Teacher distributes the worksheet.

5. Teacher explains the task to the students.

6. Teacher instructs students to find the answers from the clue given and write it in the

crosswords puzzle from the worksheet given.

7. Teacher discusses the answers with students.

Follow-up activity: Students are to choose one of his or her favourite song based on the lyrics. They should give their comments, opinions or share ideas on why they like the song. They have to send their work via email to :


  1. 40 minutes may not be enough.

    The LP looks simple yet will capture students interest.

    LP 8.4/10

    Presentation - 4/5