Thursday, August 6, 2009

the real concept of mispecfection

i hate my hair cut! i wanna change it.

U look just fine sayang.

NO! i hate it! And this stupid thing under my eye..i wanna have a surgery..

Don't be ridiculous. It looks nice..i like it that way. U're beautiful that way.

No i'm not.I hate it!

Sayang, do you know that sometimes the imperfection looks perfect cause it's different..That's what i see in you..Your flaws make you look more perfect to me..You're beautiful in your own way..Believe me..

I never believe in him. i've always thought that it's just some kind of excuses or things he says just to make me feel okay..until one day..he showed me this clip:

I cried watching that clip over and over again..Then i thought to myself,he may not be as romantic as I hope he is, but he sure does showed me the real thing. The real feelings i should be having and understand it. I like to quote the words that the lady in the videoclip said ;

"Ohh it you may find that these all very funny to you..But towards the end of his life, when his illness was at it's worse, these sounds indicated to me that my David was still alive..and what i wouldn't gave just to hear those sounds again before i the end, its these small things that you remember, little imperfections that made them perfect to you..

Those words..taught me..That i have a misconception about love & life all these while..Nothing is perfect in this world..But sometimes we are bound to thing like "Oh,i'm afraid to get married..Will i find the perfect match for my soulmate?".."I want my wedding to be perfect." ..."I want a perfect marriage." Sometimes we fail to remember that sometimes things just won't go the way we wanted it to be..that's why we have arguments, misunderstanding and fights in relationships..We always thought that love should be something that always beautiful, always make us feel happy..Love should be perfect....But the question is..if everyone is perfect..and their love is perfect..we might end up the same from each one of us,right?Now how would it make our relationship different from others? How do u get to drawn to ur soulmate when there's nothing unique to be remember of when he's gone..cause he's just the same like others...It would have made the relationship become so routine and boring..isn't it? Think about it..